Books are my friend

When I first started this blog I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for. My first post on this page was about weight loss (like everyone else and their mother on this planet I battle with weight) and I must say in 2011 I was all about it, and then I kind of fell off, but that is for my other blog (click here).

While browsing the innanets, mainly YouTube I came across something that I found to be very interesting to me. Did you know that there are book reviewers on YouTube??? Insert shocked face right>>>>>>>
Color me stupid but I didn't know this existed. Where was I when all of this started? Have I really been this disconnected from the world to not know that there are people on the webs posting and talking about something that I know all too well about?? Was I stuck in an alternate universe where books and YouTube weren't aligned and now that I've penetrated the old force field I've found that this exists? FOR THE LOVE OF READING WHERE WAS I???

Ok, enough of the melodrama. Back to the purpose of this post, as 2012 was coming to a close I found myself engaging in more and and more BookTubers (that's what they're called). I would find myself coming from work and logging onto YT to find new and interesting book reviewers, I would look through their feed of posts and see what books they recommended (I wrote them down), I would look at the other people they liked  on their channels or on their feed and find out what books they read, and then I would write them down as well. I began to grow obsessed with BookTubers and I really wanted to be one.

Teach me Obie Wan...

WAIT!!! I have a problem.. its a slight problem but an issue none the less, what you may wonder would that problem be? Well, I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME!!! 

As a NYC High School teacher my days are consumed with students and work and also me trying being a good English teacher (I am still learning) and when I am not working I'm looking at ways to make myself a better person or rather a better teacher.

So how can I fix this passion to write about books, while being a teacher??  How can I make this obsession become reality? What can I do to finally rid myself of the sleepless nights of  books, books and more books???

AH, HA! I KNOW! Why didn't I think of this before? Finally it occurred to me what I should do! I should take this blog, you know the one about weight loss and make it about book!!! Yes that's what I should do, and that's what I'm going to do!

So here it is. I am turning this blog that was about weight loss and weight management and making it about something that I really know about, BOOKS. I love to read, I can and have read many books in my day why not have a space where I can write about what I've read and what I thought about what I've read.

Why didn't I think about this before? Why hadn't I put this in to action? Well, better late than never!  SO, here is what I plan to do. I am going to pick 3 books (this may not happen but I'll try) a month and read them and give full details about them on here. I'll tell you small things, and give my honest opinion and I will also try not to give spoilers about the book in case anyone wants to read it.

Wish me luck bookworms, I don't know if I will be able to keep up with this reading and posting thing, but I did make myself a promise to not procrastinate. If I do it and make it a habit then I believe I will get what I've always wanted... A GOOD HABIT THAT DOESN'T END!! 

I'll keep you posted on the books that I'm reading..

Until next post.