Reading continues...

Since I've finished Divergent a couple of days ago I have been searching for something else to read. I feel like I have lost a best friend now that I am done, but I will be going to the library to get Insurgent so I'll be ok again in a couple of days. Still with the lack of reading material I still wall slided...

Anywho, I logged onto Goodreads and entered that I finished reading this book, and even though I'm sad that I have finished and haven't gotten the second book yet I am still happy. I am a little happier that I am on my way to achieving my goal of 50 books by December 31st, what I've also realized is that since I am starting so late isn't fair to because I didn't have an actual year to read that many books, but I think this is another reason why I like and I'm inclined to do the challenge. With this late of a start I have to finish 50 books in 10 or so months.

Onto the reason for this post: A couple of months ago, (lets say late 2012) I started reading a series on my kindle. The series was a spin off or spoof the the Snow White story, but it was told in a paranormal romance (vampire) genre. I must say that I have a slight fascination with this type of genre especially since I finished reading Twilight all those years ago.  I had read books 1-5 around December and I couldn't wait to finish the series and see what happened to the main character,h Snow Merriweather White and her 7 hot next door neighbor friends. The author had taken a while for the rest of the series to get completed that I forgot to even look for it on Amazon, and to make matters worse I had gotten so wrapped up in life, and was frusterated with waiting that I began to do other things.

Anyway, while I was reading Divergent and packing up my cart on Amazon with books that I wanted to read I checked in on this series, and found out that the series was almost finished, and then when I finished reading Divergent I had to get something to take up my time, so I looked again and found that RaShelle Workman finished the series...

I was HYPED!!! I think I even busted out a dance!

Yeah man, I swear I hit the dougie seeing that this series was done. Yeah I did the dougie, mine went a little something like this....

Well not exactly like that but you get the point, (I see the eye rolls just because this is a computer doesn't mean I don't know you're give me the O_o)
I couldn't wait, and I dived right in and purchased the rest of the books in the series.  Never mind the fact that I had somewhere to go this past Friday night. I just started reading and couldn't stop. I was fascinated and very impatient. I needed to know what happened, I just had to know if what I believed or thought was true. Now I must say the books weren't the best, I did find some grammatical errors, and I often found myself drifting from reading, and there are still so many questions that I have for the author now that I am done reading the series. But I must also state that I was very much entertained by what she did write. I could visualize the story, and I really saw myself hoping and praying for a happily ever after scenario like in the fairytale.  I think I got it, well I really don't know since I do have so many questions about the ending but I think I got it, or I hope I got it, now that I think about it and seeing as that there aren't more books in the series I want to say that I got it, I need to say that I got it. SO yeah, that's it. I GOT THE HAPPY EVER AFTER SCENARIO, but if I didn't RaShelle Workman owes me an explanation or two as to what happened.

For those of you who have some downtime and want a quick read I think you should definitely check out this series. Its cute, and fun and I had a wonderful time reading, I think you should check it out.

Here is the Goodreads Synopsis:
"Lips red as rubies, hair dark as night. Drink your true love's blood, become the Vampire, Snow White."


I believe I rated them 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads because I couldn't give them a 3.5 star rating.  I do think that this series has promise and if it could be made into one solid book with more detail it would definitely get a 5 star rating!

All in all I enjoyed the series.