In a reading slump

I am currently in a reading slump. I should have read so many more books by now, but unfortunately I haven't been reading much. Ok, well I haven't been reading at all! I picked up the second book in the UGLIES series and started to go through it, but then I put it down and I haven't been able to pick it up since.

What the hell am I doing? What happened to my 50 book challenge? Didn't I say that I was going to read that many books by the end of this year?

Have any of you gone through moments when you just don't want to read at all? Have you ever just left things go and just resorted to doing your own thing?



I know someone out there understands what I'm doing

Anyway,  I'm going to try and pick up where I left of with my reading and see how well I do. I know I have the summer to read and catch up but I am also aware of the fact that its going to take a lot of work on my part to catch up and I know that complaining about it and doing nothing isn't going to lead me anywhere.

So here is to a new week of reading and playing catch up!