Reading Frenzy

I'm here, I swear I am. I've just been dealing with a whole load of things recently. Primarily family things. Its been a long couple of weeks, and it hasn't gotten any better but I'm going to try and make the best of it. I mean its life isn't it. Well currently its my life, but it really doesn't excuse the fact that I haven't updated this blog in the longest time, and I am  making progress on my reading challenge!
But on a brighter note I have been reading. I mean reading, reading. Its not as much as I would want, but its a start. Since January began I think I've read about 8 books towards my 50 books for the year goal.This has been both good and bad. Good in the fact that I am reading, but bad because I haven't updated this blog to reflect that and also give my opinions on the things that I have read. I have read some really cool books lately and I must say that I do not have any bad things to say about them. I didn't even put up a full review on goodreads but I will definitely tell you what I have read since the beginning of the year.

Mind Games by Kiersten WhiteAnatomy of a Single Girl by Daria SnadowskyAllegiant by Veronica RothI'll Be Home for Christmas by ZaneBeauty Queens by Libba BrayEnclave by Ann AguirreThe Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

 I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all of these books. Most of these books have gotten a 4 star rating from me. The only one that got a 3.5 was  Anatomy Of A Single Girl I did enjoy that book, and there were some memorable quotes but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the first book in the series, but all in all it was a cute read.

Allegiant threw me for a loop and I am a little mad with the ending. No spoilers for those who haven't read it but you will NOT like the ending. PERIOD I was a little upset with Veronica Roth for ending it this way, and I still want to know the reason behind it but I think she could have done it a little different.

The novella I'll be Home For Christmas (yeah I read it after Christmas) was cute too. I really enjoyed it and it had a very strong message behind it. As a person who has always loved Zane it was a wonderful change to what I would normally read from her.

Beauty Queens was so hilariously funny that it was definitely NOT what I was expecting. I knew it was full of satire about the whole beauty pageant thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From cover to cover it kept me intrigued. I liked it so much that I was sad when the story ended. I missed the girls and their quirky ways. Libba Bray definitely did a good job with the writing in this story.

Mind Games was another quick read for me. I like that this story was told from two points of view and would go back and forth between the two sister Fia and Annie. I loved that Kiersten White would tell how the sisters got to where they are. I loved the selfless acts that each sister did for one another. I cannot read the next book in this duo-logy. Will definitely be picking this one up soon!

The last book I read was Enclave and I really really really enjoyed that book. I liked the world building and I enjoyed the way that Ann Aguirre portrayed the characters. I really really fell in love with them, I loved them so much that I had to buy the next two books on my kindle. I had borrowed these books from my schools library (where I teach)  and I had to give them back because I recommended it to my students. I must say the month of January was a good reading month for me. Now February ummm Not so much.. Currently I'm reading A Great and Terrible beauty by Libba Bray and I'm not going as quick as I would want, but as much as I've heard about how great this series is, I am going to stick to it. I know I will get to the good parts soon.

Anywho, I will have an update as to where I am in this book, and also give a full review on it when I'm done.

Until next time

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