Book Club FAILS

I have always wanted to be part of a book club. Something about being around people who enjoy a good book and want to discuss it together has always intrigued me. I have tried and tried and tried and FAILED at being part of one. My latest #epicFail happened at my school. The librarian at my school got word from other teachers that they wanted to be part of a book club. I was instantly jumping for joy because finally I would be able to partake in something that I have always wanted.
Oh Yeah, OH YEAH!!
But then something happened, and I knew it was going to because lets face it with the amount of work that teachers have to do on a regular basis how often are they going to really stay after school to talk about books. But I was still hopeful that there would be a book club because, there had to be. I really wanted there to be so since I really wanted it and it was with professional people who do what I love then this would happen right? RIGHT??

  Insert first problem:  The librarian couldn't be the facilitator of the book club for the first couple of sessions because was doing cheerleading so she asked me if I wouldn't mind taking on the reigns of being facilitator in the meantime until the season is over. I said yes, because of course I would since it was going to be book club. So I sent an email stating that I would be taking over for Ms. T until the season was over and she could put in more time with the book club. 

Insert second problem:  The bad thing about working with teachers is that they always have something to do, especially when it comes to the students. We chose our first book to be Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling and I was so excited because I loved loved loved Harry Potter so I just figured that this was the new series to read. I believed that this was going to be simple. WRONG... after weeks when  it was time to discuss many of the teachers emailed me back and said that they hadn't read the book yet. One teacher said that his kindle had broken and he would be replacing it soon and then he would be able to participate. UGH!! Not again was what I thought instantly 

Yet, I was still hopeful! I wanted to believe that this wasn't going to be like before. Nope, I refused to give in to the thought that I would not be able to have my book club! NO NO NO.. I rebuked the thought. then came the 

Third problem: VACATION!!  I had scheduled the meeting for the last week before winter break. I thought it would give everyone the time that they needed to read the book and to get themselves situated because we were going on winter break. I believed that this time was great because well, it was going to be WINTER BREAK. Can you guess what happened? We had to move the date AGAIN, because teachers were saying that it was the last week before break, and they wanted to give out exams, and they wanted to make sure that their grades were in before the ending of the year and blah, blah, blah!! 

This could NOT be life. Are you kidding me???? I mean seriously is this going to happen AGAIN??? Well it did and I was just about through. I went and told Ms. T that this wasn't going to happen and she insisted that I give it another go. She was hopeful that the teachers would pull through and they would just do what they said that they would do. 

Fourth problem: THEY LIE!  After sending out one more and hopefully FINAL email I set the date for after winter break, before regents week. I figured this was the best time because there was NOTHING and I mean NOTHING that was happening during that time. I even got a few teachers to email me back and say that they were in. They were definitely going to be part of the book club. Even the one with the broken kindle said that he would be part of it (something about he getting a new kindle for christmas) I didn't want to jump for joy just yet but my prayers were coming true.. YES!!! ABOUT DARN TIME! 

I knew it was going to happen. I just had to wait it out! I had to have a little faith. I just needed to be patient and to think positive and it all would work out. So I sent the email with date and time and location and even asked one of the teachers to bake some chocolate chip cookies so that we can have them while we dissect this book. It seemed like everything was looking up. The book was read, the place was selected, the location and time was also out there all that had to be done now was meet and talk right? Simple enough and there should be no problems right? What could possibly go wrong now after all this time?

Fifth Problem: OH, that's today. I forgot!! Those were the exact words that I received in some emails. WTF?!? I mean seriously, seriously! No, really SERIOUSLY!!!  You have got to be kidding me. I had spent weeks, and I mean WEEKS putting this together to get emails about forgetting the date and making "very important" plans that could not be changed. Well forget it. I don't want this anymore. The inconsistency is just!! UGH.... That's it I QUIT. I don't know if ever will be part of a book club. Maybe one day when I'm a mother and I am around other mothers who want to get away from their kids and want to socialize I'll have it then (maybe if I move to the burbs) but right now I don't think this will EVER happen. UGH

I'm so over this!! 

So, the quest is halted for the book club thing. In the mean time I'm going to just blog about books and see what happens. Or I hope someone finally puts one together and invites me because I have tried to be the facilitator and it has never panned out. Maybe if someone else does it and I am just a participant maybe that will work but as for me being the one to organize it NO WAY!