I wonder

Teach me Obi Wan!!
As a new book blogger I sit and look through loads of book blogs and I see this reoccurring trend, or rather this reoccurring theme that everyone got the memo for except for me,  and that is that these bloggers read a whole lot of books. You might be thinking, "well isn't that what a book blogger is supposed to do? Aren't they supposed to be reading a lot of books?" Yes, but how do they read so many books in so little time is my questions.  I sit and wonder how people can read so quickly. I think I read pretty quickly, especially if the book is interesting, but when I see that these bloggers pull about a book a day I wonder how they do it and if they have other jobs other than reading books and blogging about them? This isn't to say that book blogging cannot be a full time job and if that is what their full time job is then I tip my hat off to you and that answers my question, but for those who aren't only book blogging, how do you find the time to read so quickly and so much? Teach me Obi Wan!! I want to know the secrets of the Jedi.

 I know some of these book bloggers are stay at home moms, but that's a full time job that offers no downtime so how do they do it?

I am a teacher and I don't seem to have time to do anything other than plan lessons, write lessons and correct paperwork and try to fit in the gym every once in a while, and by once in a while I mean I haven't been there for the last 3 months (don't judge me). I really wonder how they are able to read so quickly. Where do you find the time to sit and read so quickly without 1. Falling asleep 2. Read all day?

I recently saw this huff post article on how to read a book a week and I found that it was do able so I am putting myself in this challenge to try and read a book a week for the next couple of months. My reading challenge for the year is 50 books and though that seems like a lot, I don't think it is. Not to compare myself to other readers but I have seen that some people have already read 60 books an its MARCH! How do you average 30 books a month, and given that February was only 28 days that would be freaking remarkable. Am I on the slow scale when it comes to reading? I mean I really want to blog about books and such but if I am not going to be keeping up with these other book bloggers then I really really need to reevaluate my choice in blogging.

I guess I'll keep with what I already do, and then worry about the catch up later. I know I shouldn't compare and though I am really trying not to, I kind of am envious. I want to be able to do that. This almost feels like I'm not sitting at the cool kids table at lunch in High School.

Just thinking out loud!