The slump...

Its been forever since I've blogged and its all my fault. I have neglected my blogging life in totality. I am trying to figure out a schedule to blog, but when I get home I am just tired that I don't want to do anything but get into my pj's and jump into bed and play Candy Crush Soda Saga. I'm serious about that too. I'm addicted to that game.

Which leads me to this post. This year I am challenging myself to read 65 books, and do you know how many I have read so far?!? 4!! That's right I have only read 4 books since the beginning of this year. I am in a reading slump that I cannot find a way to get out of. There is nothing that I want to read, nothing that interests me at all. Though I find many books interesting and I watch loads of YouTube video's about up and coming books and of course I pre-order many of them there is nothing that I want to just jump into. Hopefully this slump is over soon because I really want to get back into reading.

How do you guys get out of your slumps?? Any good suggestions??