Mid Year Recap

I started this year off on a great note. I had a goal and I was so determined to achieve it. I think I got a head of myself after last year when I had a reading goal of 50 books and thought that I could easily bypass this because I had so many books on my TBR shelf and there were so many books that were coming out this year.  So many books! Oh so many good books to read!

Fast forward to today August 14, 2015 and I have read only 4 or maybe 5 books so far for this year. I am sitting her in a state of disbelief because I have let the year go by and I have not been able to read as much as I have wanted to. Add to that I have completely neglected this blog, but that's not anything new. I have done this before so it not something that I can apologize for anymore. It is what it is.

I've been in a major and I mean major reading slump. Its to the point where even my favorite authors can't help me escape. I've tried to reread some of my favorite books and even that has become a fail! On twitter I see so many updates on books and BookTubers and Bookbloggers writing and I'm sitting here in a corner rocking because I can't find a good book to read.

I also joined a book club (I'm so excited about this. Its been such a struggle) and the required months reading is "Everything leads to you" and I still am only about 20 pages in. The meeting is on Monday and I need to finish the book by then. The struggle has been real lately to get the books read, and the TBR shelf to stop growing. I need some help! How can I get out of this reading slump? How can I get back to where I used to be? Should I just give up and just wait it out? Give me some suggestions.. I need your help!